Orchid Enterprise Inc.
sales@orchidenterprise.com and SlytherInn@orchidenterprise.com
You can also call or text us at (202) 459-1352
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    Our two worlds - Orchid Enterprise Inc. and Slyther Inn have joined
    forces and come together and are now sharing this web site.  

To our Orchid Enterprise friends and family:
    We have reduced our orchid sales to shows and special events with an
    occasional sale via eBay, FaceBook or special listings here on our web
    site.  This may change as retirement from our 'paying' job draws near.
    Please feel free to follow us on FaceBook for notices of what's
    bloomin, what's happening and what's for sale.
    Thank you all for your support and followings.  
To our Slyther Inn friends and family:
    Wecome!  We will be selling our snakes on Morph Market and duel
    listings at the link to your left.  At the moment our Morph Market
    inventory is limited to 15 animals.  This may change if Morph Market
    proves to be a viable sales tool, but until then, we will have more
    animals listed here on our web site. Please feel free to browse our
    listings and contact us if you have any questions, want photos or wish
    to make a purchase.
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