African Violets are said to be the easiest house plant to grow.  
    After all, they are sold in just about every garden center, nursery,
    grocery store and now in almost every retail store in America.

    Why then, do we get so many questions on how to grow and bloom
    these "easy to grow" plants?  

    Maybe they're not so easy?  But wait.... Our grandparents grew these
    plants and back then, they didn't have all that 'African Violet' potting
    mix, African Violet fertilizer, African Violet self-watering pots, etc.  Has
    growing an African Violet gotten so complicated that now it's difficult
    to grow one?  
    Have African Violets changed since my grandmother had one??...
    The gal at the garden center told me one thing, and the guy at the
    greenhouse told me something entirely different!  Who do I believe
    and What do I do??

    The answer to these questions and much much more will be
    answered in this section of our web site:  
    1)All about Growing African Violets (Coming Soon): Details about
    Potting Mix & Re-potting, Light, Humidity, Watering and Fertilizers

    2) Making more plants (Coming Soon): Leaf Propagation

    3)  Pests and Disease (Coming Soon): Mites, Mealybugs and more

All about African Violets
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