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Basic African Violet Care: Light
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African Violet
Choosing the right mix

Most African Violet mixes are a lot like the commercial mixes they were grown in.  
After all, the commercial people growing the violets are being asked how to
make the mixes for the industry.  Any African Violet grower who grows in their
home on window sills or under lights will tell you to "lighten up" the commercial
mix you buy at the garden center - or better yet, make your own mix.
What is meant by "Lighten up" the mix, is add something like perlite to reduce
the amount of peat in the mix which allows more air to flow through the mix and
provide oxygen to the roots.  Perlite is a volcanic ash product that is heated
under extreem heat to 'pop' like popcorn which makes it very 'light' - hence the
term 'Lighten up' the mix.