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very interested and would like a little more information as to how it works.
    maudae type called Ruby Anniversery x Voodoo Magic 'Big Big.' The pollen
    parent is Paph. rothschildianum. It could turn out to be an interesting cross,
    similar to Quasar. Pollination was done on 6/27/05. I was told that capsule
    maturation could take 240 days, which would mean the capsule could mature
    time in March, 2006.
    How long in advance before the pod matures?
    Should I notify you (and pay) in order to use your flasking services?
    Also should the seed be sent "green" (in the capsule) or dry?

    I would appreciate any information you can give me. I look forward to hearing
    from you.
    Sincerely, Susan

    Greetings Susan. When you are ready to send us your pod, just send us an
    email and let us know the pod is on it's way and advise us to the type of cross it
    is. For example:  (Paph = Maudiae X Multiflora). You can also make a notation
    on the order itself if you like.
    Send your pod USPS Priority Mail to:
    Orchid Enterprise Inc.
    Attn: Labratory
    4712 Perch Place
    Alexandria, VA 22309-1117

    Have the Post Office mark the box a "perishable" and write "Keep from Heat and
    Cold" on the box.
    When you mail the pod, visit our web site and click on the "Flasking Services"
    Link at the bottom of the page.  Order a "Setup Fee" for each seed pod you want
    flasked.  This fee covers our lab supplies and time and therefore is non-
    Next, click on the "Flasks" link.  Here you will order the number of flasks you
    want.  If there is no germination or not enough seed for the number of flasks
    you want, we will refund what we cannot produce.  This also gives us an idea of
    the number of flasks you want and can help us with the number of initial or
    mother  flasks, we make.  

    Each flask will contain approximately 20 plants ready for deflasking. We
    suggest you allow us to do the deflasking for you to reduce the cost of shipment
    and damage to plants during shipping. Plants in flask are not guaranteed
    against damage by the post office. Plants sent bare root are wrapped in paper
    towel and protected in bubblewrap.
    Maturation of hybrid seed pods is always hard to predict. We suggest keeping
    an eye on the seedpod and collecting the pod when it begins to break open. We
    have no problem cleaning seed - s long as there is enough to work with. Paph.
    pods are always tricky too, because they can break open along the 'seams' and
    go unnoticed. A good test is to put a piece of black construction paper under the
    pod and give it a tap. You should be able to see the seed on the construction
    paper if it has opened and there is seed inside. When the pod is ready, seal it
    in a small paper envelope and mail it in a protected box or priority envelope.

    Always check our web store at http://www.store.orchidenterprise.com to
    make sure we are available to receive your seed pod.  Some times our lab
    must close down during busy parts of the year or during extended travel.  

    It's also advisable to send our lab an email to let our lab know your pod is on
    the way.  That way they will be prepared and awaiting it's arrival. Their email is:

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