Orchids for the First Lady's Luncheon
    Before delivery, the plants are
    watered, cleaned, staked and given
    a spray of Ultra-Fine Sun Oil to
    make their leaves shinny and kill
    any pests that might hitchhike their
    way to the luncheon.
    Of 110 plants, only 42 are selected
    for the centerpieces.  
Orchid Enterprise is proud to have provided these orchids for the First Lady's Luncheon -2007
    Timing is everything.  Plants have
    to be purchased in bud and grown
    out in hopes that there will be
    enough in bloom.
    The theme of the luncheon is
    'Africa'.  Maudiae type Paphs were
    chosen for their beautiful mottled
    foliage, exotic stripes and spots
    (like many of the animals found in
    Africa) and the plants elegant and
    graceful stature.
3 plants to a centerpiece.  
No two flowers are the same!