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Ludisia discolor Rooted cutting
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Pleurothallis longissima $20.00 Well
established plants in 2-inch pots
Stelis argentata
2-inch pot
paraphalaenopsis labukensis
Mounted on 5-6 inch cork slab
Aerides Krabiensis
Starter plant
Amesiella philipense miniature epiphite
from the Philippines
Pholidota imbracata (The rattle-snake orchid)  
Gastrochilus japonicus
Blooming size plants in bud!!
miniature orchid blooming in a 2-inch pot
with dainty yellow flowers with Purple and
maroon sepals and petals.

Plants offered here are currently
blooming (2-16-2020)  

Hydrochilus parishii - starter palnts
mono-geneus species with a hinged lip.
Rare and unique species  

AKA The 'Nun's Orchid' - due to the flowers resembling the old-style habit the nuns used
to wear.
These are swamp orchids from Australia, so they like to stay moist.  We grow ours in
bright indirect light setting in about an inch of clean water.  We use a mix of African Violet
Mix, Perlite and course orchid bark mix - repotting every year after they bloom in the
Plants sold here are currently in spike growing in 4-inch pots and sphagnum moss. These
plants multiply, but stay relatively small (18-24 inches) compared to it's parent Phaius
takervillana.   Click here to see more photos of these plants and flowers

Blptm. Midnight Blue 'Carninals Roost'  
Bright cheery purple-blue flowers on easy to grow and
bloom plants.
Being related to the Zygopetalum, these plants like to
stay moist and only need bright, indirect light to grow
and bloom.  
Perfect for the window sill, under lights or greenhouse.  

Dendrochilum glumaceum:
Multiple creamy-white flowers on pendant inflorescence that look like
feathers or bottle brushes.
This is one of our favorite Dendrochilums as they grow quickly into
specimen plants, have fragrant flowers that smell good and they are
easy to grow and bloom. Great for under lights, in a window sill or in
a greenhouse.
Plants offered here are blooming size plants growing in 4-inch pots
with multiple growth and multiple leads.  They are currently NOT in
bloom (3-25-2020), but have bloomed before.

Ink. Cheyenne Marie 'Mojito'
If you like green flowers, this is right for you.  
Easy to grow and bloom, it is in the Zygopetalum group and only needs
bright, indirect light to grow well and flower.  We keep ours moist and rarely
allow it to go completely dry.  The pseudobulbs are plump full of water, so if
you forget, it's no big deal. The speckles of purple on the sepals and bright
white lip give great contrast to the translucent green background of the

Angracum didierii
grows easily in a small pot, on a mount or just hanging around.   
Does well in a vivarium or terrarium with ample light and fresh air.  
This little species will do well under lights or in a window or
Plants offered here are in 3-inch pots and are IN BUD at the time
of posting (3-35-2020)    

Zygo Arthur Elle 'Tombstone'
Green and maroon sepals and a bright Purple lip!  What more
can you ask?  Fragrance?  Yep, it's got that too.  Easy to grow
moist and it will grown and bloom for you!  Great for under lights,
in a window or greenhouse!  

The plant for sale here is currently in bloom! (3-25-2020)  

Epidendrum Wedding Valley 'Yubanai'
Beautiful umbles of white and purple-blotched frilly flowers with a bright yellow
center. These are high-light orchids and will need some direct sunlight to grow well
and bloom indoors.  If you don't have the light, many people put these outside in
the summer where they will get the light they need to grow and bloom.  
Epidendrums are road-side weeds in South America blooming along the
countryside roads in dryer habitats.
The plants offered here are currently blooming in 4-inch pots (3-25-2020).  

Robiquetia spahulata
A wonderfully unique and unusual orchid.  
These are truely epiphytic and need to be grown mounted so they grow outward
with pendulous inflorescence flowering below the plant.   
The plants offered here are currently in spike! (3-27-2020) and mounted on 5-6
inch cork slabs.
You'll be the envy of your orchid friends with this gem.