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Maudiae Paphiopedilums
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A unique characteristic about slipper orchids is that they
can not be cloned, so every flower and plant is different.  
No two are alike unless they have been grown to a size that
they can be divided.
The plants offered here are seedlings and therefore are all
unique.  The photos below are EXAMPLES of what the
flowers may look like.
Complex Paphiopetilum
These are seedlings that have all bloomed and were not sold
due to the COViD-19 shutdown.  These have all been
re-potted back into their 4-inch pots and many of them have
new growths emerging - promising new flowers next spring.  
We will select the best plants to ship, but can not pick the
flower type for you, since they are all different.
4-inch pots
1-2 growths per plant
$20.00 plus shipping
the easiest orchids to grow and bloom.  Their thick, waxy
flowers lasts for weeks!  Flowers are set on mature growths
that are produced year after year.  As terrestrials, they like
to be kept moist (not wet) and repotted every year.  These
plants like bright indirect light through out the day and will
tolerate some direct sun in the early morning or late
evening, as long as the direct sun does not burn the leaves.
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