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Maudiae Paphiopedilums
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Maudiae Paphs come in a variety of shapes and
colors which have been divided into three
basic color forms:
1) Coloratum - wild color types
2) Alba - Albino - basically white & green
3) Vinicolor - Breeding is for near-black flowers
Another unique characteristic about slipper orchids is that they
can not be cloned, so every flower and plant is different.  No
two are alike unless they have been grown to a size that they
can be divided.
The plants offered here are seedlings and therefore are all
unique.  The photos below are EXAMPLES of what the flowers
may look like and examples of the color types offered.
Note:  Flower inflorescence are too tall for our shipping
boxes and will be removed before shipping.
Coloratum form
Vinicolor form
Alba form
We currently have several of these seedlings in low to medium bud. Each seedling is
unique in it's color pattern - both in flower and leaf mottling. The Coloratum form has
beautiful shades of Maroon, green and white. Some with spots, some with stripes some
with both! The Vini-color forms are bred to be a solid burgundy-almost black flowers. The
Albas are bright green and white. You pick the color form and we pick the best plant.
These are all potted in orchid bark in a 4-inch pot with one growth or more.
Paph. Alma Gevaert 'Golden
Gate X Hsinying Citrine
(03192001) $35.00
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