Ken, here at Orchid Enterprise, has been traveling to South America and other foreign countries studying orchids in
    their native habitats for over 15 years.  In that time Ken has been to Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Thailand and Australia.  
    Ken's travels began as vacation trips to tropical places like the Bahamas, Mexico and Australia.  Later Ken traveled to
    Brazil with Arther Holst, author of 'The Wonderful World of Catasetums' gathering information for Art's book. Ken
    traveled with Art for several years before venturing off to Ecuador, where he met Jose' Portilla (AKA Pepe').  Pepe' has
    been hosting Ken and his traveling companions for several years now, taking them to a myriad of native orchid habitats.
    Click on the links to the left to view pictures from previous trips, see what's happening with our Ecuador 2007 Trip or find
    answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding our trips.

    As Ken lectures on his travels, representing Orchid Enterprise Inc., many people ask to join him on his adventures.  This
    poses legal and liability issues for both Ken and Orchid Enterprise Inc.  Although there has never been an occasion to
    even address these issues, they have to be stated in order to protect the assets of both Orchid Enterprise and Ken.  
    For that reason, the following disclaimer has been written for anyone wishing to join Ken on one of these trips.
        OEI does not receive any compensation for organizing these expeditions.  
        Neither Ken Meier, Orchid Enterprise, it's employees or it's representatives are responsible, nor shall they be held liable, for ANYTHING
    that may happen on these expeditions.  
        Anyone traveling with OEI understands that there are inherent risks with any traveling party including, but not limited to travel schedules,
    equipment failure, lodging accommodations, weather, difficult terrain, pests and disease, cultural and personality differences, etc.

        Parties traveling with Ken understand that Ken has the final decision on where to go and what to do on these expeditions.  Anyone not
    willing or unable to proceed with the expedition has the right to break away from the group and travel on their own.  
        All refunds are between the traveling parties and their travel agents.  Ken Meier, OEI, it's employees or it's representatives will not refund
    any party for their expenses for any reason.

        No member of the group will be forced to do anything they feel to be dangerous or harmful in any way.  While exploring orchid habitats,
    any member of the group is welcome to stay with the vehicle if he/she does not wish to participate for any reason.
    All parties must obey all laws and rules set forth by the host country and traveling party or they will be asked to either break away from the
    group and/or return home at their own expense.
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