A successful trip indeed!  Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to South America without a few changes and surprises.
Our flight from Tumbas to Lima was canceled and we made our connection in Lima with only minutes to spare!  
The next available flight wasn't for several days!!!  Needless to say, anxiety ran high until we were all safely on the
plane back to Miami.
The following photos are just some of the highlights from our trip
Our 2006 Trip to Ecuador and Peru
Les: Checking out a different kind of
coconut, used in making oil and
jewelry and carvings.  Which one's
the nut?
John and Shirley: Taking separate
vacations.  One, north of the equator
the other in the south.
Our first orchids were found along the
road on the side of the mountain. The
trouble was getting to them.
There's more to life than orchids.  There's Amaryllis also!
This beautiful semi-miniature Amaryllis was growing in one
of the hotel gardens.
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
Tucked away under the leaves are the large
flowers of this Masdevillia.
Now there's a Pleuro only a mother can love.  
Needless to say, we had a lot of fun with this
Humming birds galore.  Keep an eye out -they're everywhere!
What's everyone looking at?  Could it be ........................................................ an Odont?  Odontoglossum crispum
Gesnerids are as abundant as Orchids!
What's that? A flower on a vine.  Kewl!
A beautiful Flowering Maple.
Side view of bud
Looking down the throat of the flowering Maple
Elyse, What's that you've got?  Be careful - it looks like a