Meet the 2006 Ecuador - Peru Expedition Team
Ken Meier is our group
leader and gets to make all
the final decisions. He also
gets to take all the grief
from everyone and gets
blamed for everything. But
that's OK. It's a tough job,
but someone has to do it!
Jose Portilla (Pepe').
Pepe' will be our guide
while in Ecuador and
Peru.  Pepe' loves to
monkey around and will
make sure we all have a
GREAT time.
Les Werner - a fellow judge
at the National Capital
Judging Center . Les gives
spiritual guidance to people
in need and is charged with
keeping this group in line! I
have a funny feeling it will
take more than Les to
control this group! Good
luck Les - it's super to have
you with us!! We all look
forward to getting to know
you better!
Karin Fontneau is a veteran
traveler with OEI and has
been with us for many years.
Karin also helps us at Orchid
Enterprise re-potting,
unpacking, selling and
keeping our web site
grammatically correct. It
wouldn't be the same without
Karin along. Karin is pictured
here with a Cyrtochilum
Joyce Medcalf. We met
Joyce while on our trip
to Thailand last
November. I suspect
Joyce will be the quiet
one, but look out! When
Joyce and Karin get
together, lord knows
what mischief they'll get
into. I'm not sure about
them being roommates,
but we'll see how it
goes. Welcome aboard
Joyce. We look forward
to having you along!
Shan Nasser is from South
Carolina and helps her
husband run
Orchids. Shan has her
master's in Textile
Chemistry and works for a
chemical company in Fort
Mill, South Carolina. Tom
and Shan have an
extensive collection of
Bulbophyllums and a
greenhouse (and yard)
worth visiting. Check out
their web site! They have
lots of cool stuff!
John Dunkelberger is a
retired Professor from
Central Pennsylvania
University. John's interest
and knowledge expands
over more than we have
time or energy to write
here. Needless to say, you
have to meet John to
appreciate John. He's one
of a kind and has been
with us on many of our
expeditions. We all look
forward to having John
along; he makes learning
Shirley Dunkelberger. Wife to
John Dunkelberger and what an
interesting match that is! Shirley
keeps the sanity in the group
and is a sheer joy to have along.
Shirley, without saying a word,
can make you stop and look at
yourself and laugh at the world.
Shirley has a special place in our
heart and on our trips. It's so
good to have you along Shirley!!
Elyse Sanchez: A member of
Hollin Hills Orchid
Society and veteran traveler
to South America. Elyse has
been to Colombia on several
occasions, traveling and
actually living there for a
while. This trip promises to
be different for her since
we'll be traveling to places
she hasn't been before and
concentrating on seeing
orchids in their native
habitat. Elsye also shares an
interest in tropical flora,
particularly the passiflora.
It will be good to have a
second interpreter along
too! Welcome Elyse! It's
Super that you could join us!!
James Winner (Jim). Ah,
a unique soul. Owner of
Orchidelique. Take a
look at Jim's web site -
he's a photographer
with a unique
perspective on life. It's
always a pleasure with
Jim around - he makes
you look at life from a
slightly different angle.
It's going to be GREAT
having Jim with us this
Pat Vuurman - He's the one on the left!
What can I say about Pat.  A great guy, fun to
be with, and a real asset to the team.  Even
if he is from Canada! Dough!  Welcome to
the team, Pat!  It's going to be an even
better trip now that you're coming.
Ecuador-Peru 2006