Elleanthus and
Sobrallias are two
very common orchids
found through out
A sharp eye will find,
almost microscopic
orchids growing
blooming on twigs
and in the moss
covered branches.

    Ken has been traveling to South America for
    over 10 years, taking hundreds of pictures
    of orchids in their native habitats.  Ken has
    put together an excellent presentation on
    "Orchids of Ecuador" using these photos in
    a PowerPoint presentation.

    If you are interested in having Ken give his
    presentation to your organization or group,
    please click the link below and visit our web
    store for contact information and fees.  
Odontoglossum species found in the higher
elevations of the Andes Mountains.
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Carnivorous plants can also be found in the wilds of
Ecuador.  Pictured here is a species of Utricularia, more
commonly known as blatterwort.
Ecuador 2005
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