Bridge over troubled waters? No. This was a bridge over the
Phrag. pearcei habitat!

    Ken has been traveling to South America for
    over 10 years, taking hundreds of pictures
    of orchids in their native habitats.  Ken has
    put together an excellent presentation on
    "Orchids of Ecuador" using these photos in
    a PowerPoint presentation.

    If you are interested in having Ken give his
    presentation to your organization or group,
    please click the link below and visit our web
    store for contact information and fees.  
Yet another elleanthus
Phrag. pearcei lives along one of the
tributaries of the Amazon River.  A canoe
ride will take you to its habitat.
This photo was taken from the bridge pictured above.  
Below, the habitat of Phrag. pearcei along the river bank.
Ecuador 2006
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