Taylor Slaughter
Accredited Judge
Blc. Mary Ellen Carter 'Dixie Hummingbird ', HCC/AOS
National Capital Judging Center
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Name: Taylor Slaughter
Status: Accredited, 1987
Profession: Retired museum docent
Area(s) of interest:
Growing orchids since: 1971
Bio: Taylor started growing orchids in 1971 after a trip to South Florida when her husband, Frank, insisted on
their buying two plants. “It was the beginning of a lifelong passion, although I had to be dragged into it,” she
says. “We have always grown Paphs and Pleurothallids, but have some disagreements on how to allocate
greenhouse space for other genera. Frank loves large Cattleyas, but they take up room, which I think could
be better used for other genera, especially Dendrochilums and Bulbophyllums, which I love for the
complexity of their flowers.”

Taylor entered the judging program in 1981 and became an accredited judge in 1987. She served as the
Chair of the National Capital Judging Center from 1999-2003. Her interest in judging grew out of her other
passion — learning and teaching about art in museums. She was a professional volunteer docent (teaching
guide) at the Carnegie Museum of Art (in Pittsburgh) for 26 years and at the Frick Art Museum (in Pittsburgh)
for 20 years. She believes her training in the appreciation of art helps her to recognize the beauty in orchids.

After living in Pittsburgh for 38 years, where Taylor was an active member of the local Orchid Society of
Western Pennsylvania (including serving as show Chair several times and in all officer positions, including
program Chair twice), the Slaughters have recently moved to Philadelphia to be near their grandchildren. “It’
s a new adventure, but we already have friends through our orchids and we can try new genera since the
sun shines more in Philadelphia,” she says.

Taylor has also served on numerous AOS committees and as a Trustee. She is at present a Vice President of
the AOS.