Valerie Lowe
Accredited Judge
Center Chair
Blc. Mary Ellen Carter 'Dixie Hummingbird ', HCC/AOS
National Capital Judging Center
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Profession:  Biotech Research
Area(s) of interest: jewel orchids, Phragmipediums, miniature Cymbidiums,
Zygopetalum alliance
Growing orchids since: 1989 on the windowsill and under lights.

I have served as president (two terms), vice president, secretary, program
chairman, newsletter editor, EOC registrar, ODC representative, and away shows
chairperson (since 1990) for the Maryland Orchid Society.  I have also served as a
director of the ODC.  I look forward every Fall to putting in the MOS exhibits in the
local shows (National Capital, Susquehanna, and the EOC when it still existed).  I
believe I received most of my exposure to and education of the large variety of
orchids from visiting member’s greenhouses and borrowing their plants for these

When not taking care of my or Kids or puttering around the garden, I spend time
with/on my three Chow Chows, which as you can imagine take a lot of grooming.  I
also get to use my interest in orchids as an excuse to vacation in Hawaii (AOS
meeting), France (18th WOC), Malaysia (17th WOC), Vancouver (16th WOC), Japan
(Orchid Grand Prix), and Costa Rica (dry forest, rain forest, cloud forest).  We
already have plans to go to Florda (19th WOC) and Singapore (20th WOC).  I hope
to someday go to Ecuador with one of Ken Meiers’ excursions.