Student & Probationary Judges Lounge

•        Fulfill his/her judging requirements by participating in at least eight judgings in his/her
assigned judging area each calendar year, at least four of which must be at the monthly
judging sessions in his/her assigned judging center. Any judge, who has not attended the
minimum number of judgings during the preceding calendar year, shall be denied voting
privileges on any matter at the center's business meeting. A judge should judge annually at
one or more AOS-sanctioned judging activities outside the area served by his/her judging
•        Attend each biannual business meeting and any duly called business meeting of the
judging center committee unless excused for valid reason in advance by the judging center
•        Participate annually in no less than 12 hours of scheduled training sessions, as specified
in Section 4.7.3 of the Judging Handbook.
•        Maintain the knowledge and abilities required in Section 4.5; and the standards of
conduct required in Section 4.8 of the Judging Handbook.
•        Cooperate fully with the chair of judging and the captain of their judging team in
completing the routine duties of their assignment such as signing forms, describing and
measuring flowers, and remaining with the team until excused.
•        Express him/herself clearly and unequivocally in evaluating a flower, plant or exhibit,
avoiding both passive acceptance and aggressive rejection of the opinions of other judges.
Conduct of Judges
Judges shall act at all times by word and deed, while serving as AOS judges, in a manner
which will maintain the standards of AOS judging on the highest level and reflect credit upon
the judging activities and upon themselves. They shall conduct themselves, while serving as
AOS judges, in a manner which will never bring their or the system's integrity into question.
Serving as an AOS judge includes but is not limited to AOS judging, orchid show ribbon
judging, pre and post judging activities such as judges meals at an orchid show, preview
parties and banquets and other activities in which he/she officially represents AOS.
In addition, AOS judges shall:
•        Refrain, while serving as a judge, from making personal comments about a flower, plant,
exhibit or orchid grower that do not relate to the judging in process and which might, if
repeated to the exhibitor, be considered gratuitous or derogatory and bring into question the
deportment of the judge.
•        Disqualify him/herself from participation in the judging of a plant, flower, exhibit or
judging class with which they have any relationship that might in any way be construed as
interfering with their impartiality.
•        Avoid making demeaning comments publicly concerning other judges, judging team
support personnel, orchid plants, orchid exhibits or exhibitors. Negative comments during
open judging are often appropriate, but, should not be demeaning.
•        Not make a slanderous or malicious remark publicly about another judge.
•        Avoid using sexual analogies and comments (jocular or not) when publicly discussing
plants or people.
•        Avoid aggressive, persistent or recurrent attempts to influence other judges in awarding
or not awarding a plant.
•        Conduct him/herself in a calm and rational manner which will permit the harmonious
resolution of differing viewpoints and judgments.
•        Avoid high-ball or low-ball scoring intended solely to inflate the point count spread.
•        Not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, while judging or officially representing
•        Dress appropriately when judging at an orchid show, thus showing respect for the event
being judged.
•        Neither be paid nor have to pay for the opportunity to participate in AOS award judging at
any AOS-sanctioned activity.
•        Not accept reimbursement in excess of actual cost, for expenses related to show judging
(transportation, lodging and meals).
•        Make a reasonable attempt to comply with the requirements for clearing his/her
provisional award.
•        Pay for purchased orchid plants, award fees, taxonomic plant identification charges and
delinquent provisional award fees.
•        Not steal orchid plants, pollen or tissue.
•        Not be involved in sales transactions in the judging area during AOS judging.
•        Not falsify a grex or clonal name or hybrid parentage.
•        Not “buy” or “sell” an award as the reward for influencing or attempting to influence the
granting of that award.
•        Not disclose the results of the center committee’s personnel meeting or other privileged
information, prior to official notification.
•        Notify the sponsoring organization if he/she is unable to fulfill orchid related
commitments (judging orchid shows; lecturing at an orchid society, etc).

To retain status as a judge, a certified judge must:
•        Maintain membership in the AOS in good standing in order to legitimately serve as its
representative. The judge must also subscribe to AQ Plus. If his/her membership in AOS or
subscription to AQ Plus lapses, he/she shall forfeit his/her standing as a judge.
Responsibilities of Judges
This section explains the requirements
of all AOS accredited judges and their
responsibilities for maintaining their
status of good standing as an AOS