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Ludisia discolor is one of the easiest orchids to grow and
bloom.  They do not require bright light.  In fact, they don't like
any direct sun light at all.  When grown in too bright a light,
their black leaves with copper veins turn orange and they
loose that beautiful contrast in color they are so famously
grown for.
Treat this orchid like you would an African Violet:
Bright indirect light, slightly dry between watering and repot
every year.  We use our own African Violet Mix that has plenty
of perlite to give the roots ample air.
Bloom time is in the spring, with bright white and yellow flowers
on tall upright stems.
When the plant becomes 'leggy' with growth, simply snap off
the top of the growth and plant it up in whatever mix you grow
your plant in!  That cutting will take root and produce another
plant and new plants will appear from the underground
rhyzomes from the mother plant.
These plants quickly become specimen plants for a
spectacular show every sping.  And the beautiful black leaves
with copper veins are beautiful year round.
Ludisia discolor
rooted cutting

Ludisia Discolor
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