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Lotus Orchid Pots
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Note: We are currently offering our
orchid pots at shows, special events
and Local Pickups only.  We are NOT
offering them as mail-orders. Please
do not purchase unless you plan on
picking them up.
This 'square' pot has it's corners trimmed, so it will take a 4-inch round pot.
The combination of bright cobalt blue and darker, near-black highlights
makes this an outstanding pot - even if there's no orchid in it!
But buy an orchid for it please.
Note: Bases of pots ARE ATTACHED.  They do not come off.

the true essence in the glazes on these pieces of art. Please read the description on

Note: We recommend potting your orchid in plastic pots and put the plastic pot inside
these decorative pots.
Item: LP Power Blue-Green 4-inch
This 'square' pot has it's corners trimmed, so it will take a 4-inch round pot.
The flowing colors of powder blue with highlights of green is reminiscent of
water flowing over dark brown beaches.  An outstanding piece of work
Item: LP Copper Sands Sqr 4-inch
The background color of these pots are copper colored with a metalic
sheen that can't be seen in these photos.  Stunning with the sandy overlay
and black highlights.

Item: LP Copper Penny Round 4-inch
Beautiful undertones of dull copper with shinny metalic copper highlights.  
Absolutely beautiful!

Beautiful antique white with steel-blue highlights.  This will go with any
flower color and would make a great gift for someone you love!