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Long-fiber Newzeland Sphagnum Moss
Available in:
1) 8L 150g Super Compressed block
2) 100g Compress brick
3) 1-Kilo bale
4) 3-Kilo bale
5) 3-Kilo Super Compressed block
6) Loose - custom order amount
This small package goes a long way.  
Soak it in warm water and it expands
10X or more!  Perfect for
Phalaenopsis, Oncidiums and other
orchids that like a consistantly moist
substate.  We let the moss tell us when
to water - when the top of the pot goes
dry, it's time to water.  There will still be
some moisture inside the pot, around
the roots.
Please contact us for prices on any moss not yet
listed.  Building a web site takes time.
$9.00 Plus shipping
If you need a little more than the
8L-100g Super Compressed block or
just need to use part of the block, this
150g block is not as compressed and
can be used in part as apposed to
soaking the entire block.
$12.00 Plus shipping