Orchid Enterprise Inc.
Lc. Big Time #2 4-inch pots with new
growth and roots recently repotted
in our special orchid-bark mix
Potinara Fairy Land grown in a 3-inch
rice pot with one new growth and new
previous growths.
3-24-2020 Currently in bloom

Ctna. Beverly Blush 'Kalapana'
Mini to Midsize plants with large
fragrant flowers
Rlc. Waianae Leopard X Ctna. Why Not
Unique color & spots
Lc. Marie Foster Standard Cattleya
Local pickup or local delivery only no
shipping on this big guy
Rth. Bit-O-Sunshine
Bright Orange Mini-Cattleya
Huge flowers for size of plant
4-inch pot

$25.00 each
Cattleya Touch of Class is a cross between Two awarded
white hybrids; C. Spring Climax and C. Nancy Off. Spring
Climax had 6 flowers when awarded and Nancy off is one of
the biggest, best Whites today. Touch of Class is following in
it's parents footsteps with multiple large flowers on a single
inflorescence. Very fragrant too! These are large plants and
will be sent bare-root

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shades of orange and yellow with a bright white column in
the center.  
These plants are over-potted in 4-inch pots and should be
down-sized after they are blooming.
Currently in flower (3-24-2020)  

Rth. Youn Min Orange 'Golden Satisfaction'
These young plants are already blooming in 4-inch pots with
clusters of  bright, pumpkin-orange flowers on robust miniature
plants. Perfect for window sills, under lights or in a
Rarely do you see such vibrant orange flowers on miniature
plants like this.  These will make great show plants as they
mature and have multiple growths with clusters of bright orange

Sold out
Our Cattleyas are being re-potted and need to become established before
selling.  They will become available over the course of the summer.

Thank you for your patience.