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Pleurothallis longissima
Well established plants in 2-inch pots
As of 7/27/2020 we have one left.  Not
Aerides Krabiensis
Starter plant.
05/25/2020 Update:
We have one plant left.  We also
sell on Etsy, so please check for
availability before purchasing.
Pholidota imbracata (The rattle-snake orchid)

As of 07/27/2020 we only have one plant left
Hydrochilus parishii - starter palnts
mono-geneus species with a hinged lip.
Rare and unique species  

Epidendrum Wedding Valley 'Yubanai'
Beautiful umbles of white and purple-blotched frilly flowers with a bright yellow
center. These are high-light orchids and will need some direct sunlight to grow well
and bloom indoors.  If you don't have the light, many people put these outside in
the summer where they will get the light they need to grow and bloom.  
Epidendrums are road-side weeds in South America blooming along the
countryside roads in dryer habitats.
The plants offered here are currently blooming in 4-inch pots (3-25-2020).  
4-21-2020 These plants are no longer in bloom