Orchid Enterprise Inc.
This plant is very unique in that it's a miniature 'Spider' (Brassia hybrid) orchid.  
Blooming in just a 3-inch pot.  But the plants for sale here are much larger than
1st bloom seedlings.  They are blooming for the second or third time in 4-inch
pots with multiple lead growths!  You can't beat this deal of such well grown,
established plants that are sure to please.  
As of this posting (7-27-2020) These plants are in spike!
We grow these in Bright light, kept evenly moist.  The will tolerate going dry
between watering, so being away for a week or two is no problem with these guys.

Price: $30.00
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shipping costs.
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Mtdm Red Brick Road is another HUGE plant with large
two-tone, brick red flowers that have a bright white
contrasting lip.
You'll not find another orchid like this one!
With inflorescence so tall, we will have to remove them in
order to fit the plant in our Priority Mail shipping boxes.  
05/25/2020 Update.  These plants are no longer in flower

Burr. Tahoma Glacier 'Ithan'
HUGE white flwowers with light strawberry splotches centrally.  
The lip has a cream picotee along the outer edge.  
One of the easier Oncidiums to grow and bloom.
Plants offered here are in 4-inch pots and are currently in
bloom.  Flowers and spikes are too large for our shippig boxes,
so they will be removed before shipping.  
05/25/2020 update:  These plants are no longer in flower

One of the easiest Oncidiums to grow and bloom! Bright burnt-orange fragrant
flowers clustered on tall upright ,branched inflorescenc with 1-2 spikes per mature
Grows quickly for multiple shows per year. Needs bright, indirect light and will benefit
from some direct sun in early morning or late evening.  
These are robust plants, currently blooming (3-25-2020) in 4-inch pots.  
Inflorescence will be removed before shipping due to their very large size.  $
05/25/2020 update: Please contact us for availability before purchasing.
(202) 459-1352 or sales@orchidenterprise.com
These robust plants have tall, sturdy branched inflorescence with lots of bright
yellow and burgundy flowers.  
We find these easy to grow and bloom given ample light throughout the day.  
Flower spikes are so large, they will be removed before shipping.  
Blooming now in 4-inch pots!!!