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Vanda Srakaew 'NN'
Clusters of bright red flowers are produced
on these, relatively, small plants 'potted' in
4-inch plastic hanging baskets.

Vanda Leim Song 'NN'
HUGE white and cream flowers with
strawberry freckles.  A very unusual
color combination.
These are currently blooming on small
plants in 4-inch baskets. (3-20-2020)  

Vanda Kulwadee 'Frangrance'
HUGE fragrant purple flowers with grape
speckes on small Vanda plants.
These are currently blooming in 4-inch
The sweet fragrance is quite unusual for a
Vanda and will fill a room with essence of
tropical paradise.
High light and frequent watering.  

Mok. Sayan X Dr. Anek 'NN'
HUGE red flowers with darker red spots and
tessellation on small plants in 4-inch baskets.  The
flower shape and color, obviously coming from the
Renanthera parent, is a giant among the Renanthera
flowers of it's linage.  Not to be rivaled by any Vanda
flowers of today's standards. One of these will be
staying in our collection here at Orchid Enterprise!!!  
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