Saponification Creations
We are a budding soap-making business located, just outside Washington DC in Alexandria
VA.  We are not open to the public, but you may find us at a local fair, orchid show or reptile
show.  Once we know where we'll be, we'll let you know on our 'meet us' link.  

When available, You can also purchase our soaps here on line or through under
orchidenterprise  One word - or  just click on the link above.

So what makes us different from all the rest?  Well,  for one, we keep our soap recipe
simple using extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.  We don't use butters, animal fats, milks,
sugars, salts and other additives.   We use natural oxides and colors as well as mica
specially made for cold process soap.  Our fragrance oils (When we use them) are made
for cold process soaps.  Most other soap makers add these other ingredients which, quite
frankly, isn't unique in soap making today.  If you have allergies to additives in your soap,
you may want to give one of ours a try.
Another item that separates us from the rest, is some of our soap designs.  We actually
create many of our own designs out of clay.  With the clay sculpture, we create a silicone
mold which we then use to make our soap.  No other soap maker will have our design since
we won't sell the molds.  This type of soap making is extremely time consuming.  A single
bar of soap can take hours to make.
We also make soaps in loafs that we cut up into individual bars.  This, in itself isn't unique,
but we'll have our own take or perspective on how we do ours.  For example, the cover
banner on this page is made from florescent micas and powdered activated charcoal
poured in what we like to call "Florescent Purple Tiger Taiwan Swirl Pattern".  Other loaf
soaps include soap dough embeds usnique to our own imagination.  These soaps are
rarely perfect, but that's what makes them special.
Finally, we enjoy using mica-oil paints that we blend ourselves and paint many of our
images on the soaps.  This, again makes them unique and no two bars are the same.  
Sometimes we use the paint to help with the imperfections underneath.  The 'paint' us made
with soap-micas and olive oil, so you know it's non-toxic and animal friendly and only helps
moisturize your skin.
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