Light: Amaryllis will do best when grown in bright indirect sunlight. Direct
sunlight in the early morning or late evening (when the suns rays are not
so intense) will be beneficial to your plant. When growing inside, a
southern exposure is best, but can be grown in an east or west window
as well. Your glass window can intensify spring and summer sunlight,
so be careful that the direct sunlight does not burn your leaves. In
northern exposures, you may need to provide additional light or move
your plants outside when temperatures permit. When producing a bloom
stalk, you will need to turn the plant every day to keep the stalk growing
straight. These plants can grow so fast, forgetting to turn the plant for a
couple of days can result in an arching inflorescence. This will make the
plant more likely to tip than when the flower stalks are straight and

Fertilizer: Good leaf growth is your sign to begin fertilizing. With good leaf
growth, the plant will be photosynthesizing and able to use all the
nutrients in your fertilizer. Any all-purpose fertilizer like 10-10-10 or
20-20-20 will work fine. We suggest mixing the fertilizer 1/4 to 1/2
strength (according to the directions) and watering with this solution
every other week while in active growth. Stop fertilizer about 1 month
before dormancy to give the plant a chance to slow down and prepare for
its winter slumber.
Amaryllis Culture Guide
Provided by: Orchid Enterprise Inc.
Light and Fertilizer