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Payment &
Payment can be made one of three ways:
1) Through
PayPal using our email address:
2) You can also call us at (202) 459-1352 and we can process your credit
card through our PayPal account.
3) We can set up a web page, just for you - only you will have access to,
where you can pay with a credit card through PayPal.  You do NOT need a
PayPal account to pay through PayPal.

If you wish to make payment arrangements or place an animal on hold,  
please see our
Policies page for further information.

Shipping is via FedEx Overnight through Ship Your Reptile services.
You can estimate shipping on their site using the following information:
Our zip code is 22309 and the estimated the weight of the package to be 3
lb and the box to be 12X9X6 inches.
Live Delivery insurance is $2.50 for every $100.00 in value of the item(s)
you purchase.
The cost of shipping can change and is only guaranteed for the day the
quote is given.

In order to guarantee live delivery, you must pick up your animal from a
FedEx sorting hub within an hour of their opening the day of pickup.  You
must notify us within that hour is there is a problem.
Again, see our
Policies Page for more details.

You can contact us at (202) 459-1352 (Text or call EST) to arrange shipping
and payment.  Please leave a message if we can not answer the phone
right away.  We will call you back ASAP.

If you are close to the Washington DC area, a pickup or meet can always
be arranged.
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