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Inauguration 2009
President Barack Obama
January 16th,
Verizon's Communication Trailer.  Hundreds of communication circuits including
phone lines, DSL, ISDN and television lines are installed for each inauguration.
Two compounds are set up on the Capitol's west lawn for broadcasters to bring
in mobile studios and offices to cover the inauguration.  Each of the units are
supplied with electric, phones and any other communication circuits are needed.
Phone, data and television circuits
connect the Verizon trailer to the
Special lighting units are trucked in for picture-perfect broadcasts on the
swearing in of the new President.
Giant television screens are brought in on Semi's and hoisted in the air via
cranes at the Capitol and all along the mall.  Those not fortunate enough to
actually see the swearing in of the President, can see the action on the 'Jumbo-