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Inauguration 2009
President Barack Obama
January 16th,
There's 6 levels of camera positions on each side of the inaugural stage.  With
temperatures near zero and strong winds, working to get things set up, is a real
Reagan's second inauguration was cancelled due to cold weather.  weeks of
work for nothing - because someone didn't want to stand out in the cold.
Behind the podium loft, set special guests of the president
and the capitol dome entrance.
Phones, Electric and
Television circuits
need to be run to
hundreds of camera
surrounding the
inaugural stage on
the west steps of the
Standing in the podium loft where Obama will be sworn in, you have a beautiful
view of the mall and guests that have come to see the new president take office.
The presidential walkway to the podium loft.
Another view from the Podium loft
Special guest seating, Podium loft and media risers in the background.